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Operation of composite poles. Why is it worth choosing modern technology?

Investments in modern technologies are becoming crucial for sustainable development and cost optimisation. Although it still happens that supporters of traditional solutions are sceptical about modern composite poles, the long-term evaluation of their use confirms that they bring lasting, positive effects, both economic and ecological.

Composite lighting posts improve road safety

Road traffic safety (RTS) is a broad concept that applies to drivers, cyclists and pedestrians alike. Its scope includes not only road traffic rules, signs, markings and engineering solutions, but also elements of road infrastructure as well as actions and strategies aimed at preventing road accidents, as well as minimising their effects.

NCT composite telecommunications poles support the digitisation process in Poland

Digital Poland Project Centre recently announced the results of a FERC competition aimed at increasing access to ultra-fast broadband Internet. The contest covered 72 competition areas and as many as 237 applications were submitted, which is a sign of the huge demand for developing Internet infrastructure in Poland. NCT composite solutions strongly facilitate this process.

Thanks to Orange Polska and NCT SA, it is easier for cities to be smart.

Smart city solutions are often still associated with science fiction rather than reality. Why so? Because interactive technologies used in smart cities are invisible to most of the inhabitants on an everyday basis. Orange Polska, in cooperation with NCT SA, decided to change this and show how a smart city can help take care of, for example, road safety.

Composite charging stations for electric cars.

The revolution in the automotive industry is becoming a fact - more and more people are replacing combustion cars with their electric counterparts. According to data from the Polish Alternative Fuels Association, at the end of October 2023, there were 52,327 fully electric passenger and commercial cars registered in Poland, and their number increased by 18,912 vehicles.

Active pedestrian crossings. A way to improve road safety

We live in times where technology has become an integral part of our everyday lives. So much so that we often stop noticing it. Meanwhile, modern solutions accompany us even at pedestrian crossings, improving road safety and being in line with the idea of a smart city.

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