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NCT is a market leader in innovative solutions based on composite material technology and valued in the road construction, energy, rail and military sectors in Poland and internationally. Both the NCT composite material and the solutions we design and manufacture are synonymous with high quality. This is ensured by key certifications, standards and approvals for each of our products.

We are continuously developing and testing the NCT technology both in our own laboratories and in collaboration with acclaimed scientific research centres. Our flagship product is high-strength composite light poles that meet the passive safety standard for road traffic (PN-EN12767:2019). The poles can be used in all road categories. The unique properties of composite poles also work well in active pedestrian crossings and backlit street poles and parks.

Management Board

Rafał Bednarczyk

Beata Hut
Board Member

Supervisory Board

Łukasz Gołębiewski
Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Joanna Jankowska
Member of the Supervisory Board

Rafał Sosna
Member of the Supervisory Board

Zbigniew Szkopek
Member of the Supervisory Board

Tomasz Siwowski
Member of the Supervisory Board

NCT values

Everything that is important to us comes down to one fundamental value. It is RESPONSIBILITY.
We believe this is a key feature of a true leader.
Responsible Leader: our model for operation and leadership

01. Courage

We are aware of our knowledge, experience and market advantages. This awareness gives us the strength to act with courage and reach for innovative solutions. It also gives us strength to speak out on issues that are important to us and to be confident that we take the right course of action.

02. Quality and the pursuit of excellence

This is the heading for every area of our operations: from the highest quality input materials through efficient manufacturing, operational excellence, market expansion efficiency to expert activities and professional, open communication with stakeholders.

03. Inspiration

We are aware that we are a role model and an inspiration to other businesses and people. Our approach to developing innovation based on composite material technologies inspires business, people and organisations. This is an honour for us, but also a special commitment in terms of our attitudes and actions in every area of our operation.

04. Sustainability

We operate in the full knowledge that business growth and development are inextricably linked to proactive and committed efforts for society and the conservation of natural resources.

Our mission

We strongly believe in the potential, innovative nature and impact of composite material technologies to build a safer world. That is why we are paving the way in their development and popularisation, both locally and internationally.

Our vision

We are NCT. We are at the forefront of innovative solutions based on composite material technologies that build a safe world.


We know each other well. And for a long time, too

NCT S.A. began operating in the composite material technology market under the corporate name Alumast. Founded in 1997, the company focused on the production of flagpoles, expanding its product range over time. In 2008, Alumast launched the first polymer composite lamp pole production line in Poland and in this part of Europe; it also debuted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

15 of nearly 25 years of our presence on the market have been dedicated to developing and popularising composite material technology. Looking at the market’s growing awareness of safety, its quest for climate neutrality, comfort of use and the myriad of applications in the smart city sector, among others, we decided to make composite materials the company’s key business.
To emphasise these new goals, we decided to change our corporate name. Thus, in April 2023, Alumast S.A. became NCT S.A., where NCT stands for New Composite Technologies. By beginning a new chapter in our history, we took the decision to combine the experience we have accumulated over the years with an openness to innovative solutions and technologies. Because this is what we know best.

A composite you can trust

The advantages of NCT composite solutions lie in the high quality requirements for the input materials, the production method and the meticulous control of our product manufacturing process

Smart city.
Live better

In modern cities, the quality of life for citizens is a priority. It is reflected in safety, comfort and environmental concerns.


With full responsibility, experience and high competence, we support road authorities, road designers and road construction contractors on their way to improving the safety of road users

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