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Proven quality.
Composite. The power of synergy.

Exceptionally lightweight construction, high quality raw material and acclaimed performance characteristics are hallmarks of NCT products. They stem from the strength of the synergy of our composite components: polyester resins with glass fibre fabrics and mats, embedded in a layer of gelcoat.

Proven quality. <br>Composite. The power of synergy.
  1. Road safety

    Light poles and power line poles made of composite materials are safe to road users. During a collision, the pole absorbs the energy of impact, minimising the effects of impact on drivers and passengers. The composite does not conduct electricity

  2. Durability

    Composite poles and structures offer 40-50 years of trouble-free service life. The composite does not corrode. It is flame-retardant and resistant to mechanical damage as well as road salt, sea salt, and fouling by animals

  3. Ecology

    The production of the composite material has a lower environmental impact than traditional solutions. It is a recyclable material. Its carbon footprint is low during operation of the product. The backlit poles help to reduce pollution with light.

  4. Cost efficiency

    The lightweight structure, as well as easy transport, handling and installation of the poles effectively reduce project development costs. The durability of the material and its properties provide low operating costs. Composite solutions mean real savings for your budget

  5. Innovation

    The composite material is perfect for combining with modern technologies. Its parameters allow for the installation – inside and outside the poles – of various types of receivers and transmitters (the composite causes minimal radio frequency interference)

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