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Power poles

Composite technology for special applications

These product feature high physical and mechanical performance with a low weight for efficient transport and handling even in the most inaccessible terrain

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  • High mechanical strength and a long life
  • Resistant to adverse weather, animal urine, acids, alkalis, and road salt
  • Flame-retardant
  • Non-conductive
  • Low weight for a reduction in transport costs of up to 60% compared to traditional poles
  • The low weight of the product facilitates effective installation of power lines, without the use of heavy equipment, even in the most inaccessible areas of operation
  • Short project construction time
  • The only product in Europe tested for passive safety in a road traffic collision in class 50, HE,3 of EN 12767:2019
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Customisable colour or exterior graphic design of the pole
  • Factory standard conformity certificate
Power poles symbolapical force [kN]LPHBD (mm)TD (mm)GH (m)W (kg)
EKO 9/2,52,59193 1501,560
EKO 4/4,54,591931501,580
EKO 9/6692501731,585
EKO 10,5/2,52,510,51931501,570
EKO 10,5/4,5*4,510,51931501,585
EKO 10,5/6610,52501731,5100
EKO 12/2,52,5122201731,7100
EKO 12/4,54,5122501731,7120
EKO 12/66122502181,7130

The recommended soil compaction index (Is) should be in the range from 0.95 to 1.02 (according to PN-EN ISO 14688-2)

The depth of burial depends on the soil class, height and tip forceof the pole.

Pole equipment compliant to LnniS Vol. I from STELEN, 2011.

Customised poles can be manufactured on request. Heavy-duty versions are available for harsh operating conditions.

Complementary accessories to the deck slab:

U-85 deck slab, size 85×60 cm

U-139 deck slab, size 130×60 cm

Deck slab, size 35×35 cm

Power line poles are used in the energy industry.

  • Power engineering
  • Construction
Completed projects power line poles

power line poles

Composite poles, in addition to their unparalleled low weight combined with durability, are full dieelectric insulators. They are extremely lightweight and easy to transport and install. The installation process does not require the use of a crane; the poles can be installed in forests or mountains that are difficult to access by land, as well as in built-up areas. The power line poles are designed for the energy sector.

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Standard pole range colours

  • 7042
+ Poles available in any RAL colour

Recommended accessories

Deck slab

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