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NCT brand composite insulation panels and boards

Our composite panels, is an extremely durable product with excellent thermal, electrical and acoustic insulation.

Why choose NCT brand insulation panels?

Because they are made of very high quality polymer composite. Uniform construction and high quality of the components used, guarantee many years of trouble-free operation.


The most important parameters and performance characteristics of NCT plates:

  • dielectricity – electrical insulation
  • excellent thermal insulation
  • complete separation from dust
  • lack of corrosion effect
  • resistance to harsh weather conditions
  • low product weight
  • high physical and mechanical strength
  • flame retardancy
  • no need for cyclic maintenance


Multifunctional use


Composite panels from NCT, show excellent thermal insulation properties. They can be installed as bulkheads (thermal insulation inside and outside the object). They are distinguished by: resistance to extreme weather conditions, UV radiation and other factors and chemical media that can affect our products in public spaces. This allows the safe and long-term use of composite panels, regardless of whether they are installed inside a building or in an open space (outside).




NCT brand composite panels, is an excellent material to protect equipment or other objects from fire. A high degree of flame retardancy and excellent thermal insulation, allow our panels to be used wherever such hazards could potentially occur.




Polymer composite panels exhibit very low electrical conductivity. This makes it possible to create physical barriers and effectively protect people or animals from electric shock and uncontrolled -micro-discharges of electricity.

Composite panels are an excellent and very durable dielectric, which is successfully used in industry.




Our isolation panels effectively reduce acoustic pollution, which often reduces the comfort of work and, in extreme situations, can cause a threat to health and life.

This is an ideal solution for facilities such as workplaces, where reducing noise levels is a key task for builders.

Our products are a range of innovative solutions made with composite materials and with a wide range of applications in many industries.

  • Roads
  • Construction
  • Agricultural structures
  • Power engineering
  • Mining

We approach each order individually, carefully analyzing the expectations of our customers.

Order our composite panels and we will customize them to your needs. Insulation panels are available in any shape, size and color.

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Sample colors

  • 7032
  • 7047
  • 7042
  • 7024
  • 7016
  • 9005
+ Poles available in any RAL colour

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