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Telecommunication poles

Utility poles are high-quality composite structures dedicated to the telecommunication, construction and electrical engineering sectors.

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  • A perfect alternative to timber and concrete poles and posts
  • Low transport costs, favouring a high load capacity of the transport vehicle (a single semi-trailer can carry up to 300 poles)
  • The poles can be handled manually in difficult terrain
  • Efficient and low-cost installation without any heavy machines
  • Improved tip force with a low permanent strain coefficient
  • A wide range of pole height options
  • Highly resistant to vandalism, adverse weather, road salt, and animal urine
  • Wide range of applications – telecommunication lines (e.g. OF cables, lightning arrest systems, video surveillance, or flagpoles)
  • Short installation time using a dedicated fastening compound
  • Recommended by the Telecommunications Builders’ Association (SBT)
LPH (m)apical force [kN]BD (mm)TD (mm)GH (m)W (kg)
70,3140 1101,212

Customised poles can be manufactured on request. Heavy-duty versions are available for harsh operating conditions.

The recommended soil compaction index (Is) should be in the range from 0.95 to 1.02 (according to PN-EN ISO 14688-2)

The depth of burial depends on the soil class, height and tip forceof the pole.

Our products are a range of innovative solutions made with composite materials and with a wide range of applications in many industries.

  • Telecommunication
  • Fiber optic networks
  • Construction
  • Monitoring
Completed projects composite utility poles

Composite utility poles for the installation of OF cables

Composite utility poles for OF lines as an alternative to timber and concrete poles. Thanks to their advantages, especially their low weight, composite poles significantly reduce the cost of the entire project. Telecommunications poles are designed for the telecommunication sector and optical fibre networks, among others.

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Standard pole range colours

  • 7035
+ Poles available
in any RAL colour

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