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Smartpole crossing

A system of active and safe pedestrian crossings.

Driven by modern electronic systems (like motion detectors) and featuring warning sound and light, the crossings effectively indicate to oncoming drivers whenever a pedestrian has entered or is about to enter it.

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  • The SMARTPOLE CROSSING solution improves pedestrian and driver focus
  • Asymmetrical light sources improve visibility at the pedestrian crossing and in its area, improving pedestrian safety
  • The Smartpole crossing lights warn drivers in good time of pedestrians entering the crossing area
  • Smart motion detection sensors ensure optimal road traffic flow
  • Suitable algorithms ensure that warning sound and light systems remain active long enough to allow the mobility-challenged, the elderly and children to cross the road
  • A voice message warns the pedestrians approaching the crossing area to remain very cautious

Technical specifications

  • Pole height: 6 m (above the ground surface)
  • Foundation type: buried in the ground or precast unit
  • Pole weight: approx. 26 kg each
  • Cylindrical pole: 175 mm diameter
  • 9 warning lights installed in the pole structure
  • Light fixture with asymmetric beam distribution
  • Backlit Polish road sign D-6 (Pedestrian Crossing) coated with translucent retro-reflective film; other road signs can be ordered, e.g. T-27 or D-6b
  • Dual motion sensor
  • Voice warning speakers
  • Pole-to-pole RF data communication system

The recommended soil compaction index (Is) should be in the range from 0.95 to 1.02 (according to PN-EN ISO 14688-2).

Smartpole crossing:

  • Pedestrian crossings
Completed projects Smartpole crossing

Active pedestrian crossing

How can we effectively ensure safety and improve the quality of life in a modern setting? The answer to this question is provided by advanced innovative technologies and improvements to everyday, well-known solutions. The result of their combination is the Smartpole crossing product line – an active pedestrian crossing that maintains the requires safety level of road users at pedestrian crossings, the critical points of road systems.

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Standard pole range colours

  • 7016
+ Poles available
in any RAL colour

Recommended accessories

Cable joints IZK–4–01

Cable joints IZK–4–02

Cable joints IZK–4–03

Cable joints IZK–4–03

Precast concrete foundation units F100/30

Precast concrete foundation units F120/43


Single bracket (one sided) WJ1

Symbol BL (mm) ID (mm) BU (mm) waga (kg)
WJ1/60/5/500 500 60 200 1,8
WJ1/60/5/1000 1000 60 249 2,6
WJ1/60/5/1500 1500 60 293 3,4

Single bracket (one sided) WJ2

Symbol BL (mm) ID (mm) BU (mm) waga (kg)
WJ2/60/5/500 500 60 1000 3,4
WJ2/60/5/1000 1000 60 1000 4,2
WJ2/60/5/1500 1500 60 1000 5,0

Single bracket (one sided) WJ3

Symbol BL (mm) ID (mm) BU (mm) waga (kg)
WJ3/60/5/500 500 60 500 2,4
WJ3/60/5/1000 1000 60 500 3,4
WJ3/60/5/1500 1500 60 500 4,2

Single bracket (vertical) WP

Symbol ID (mm) BU (mm) waga (kg)
WP/60/1000 60 1000 2,6

Double bracket (two sided) WD1

Symbol BL (mm) ID (mm) BU (mm) weight (kg)
WJ1/60/5/500 500 60 200 2,6
WJ1/60/5/1000 1000 60 249 4,2
WJ1/60/5/1500 1500 60 293 5,8

Double bracket (two sided) WD2

Symbol BL (mm) ID (mm) BU (mm) weight (kg)
WJ2/60/5/500 500 60 1000 4,2

Double bracket (two sided) WD3

Symbol BL (mm) ID (mm) BU (mm) weight (kg)
WJ3/60/5/500 500 60 500 3,2
WJ3/60/5/1000 1000 60 500 5,0

Bracket on the clamp

Symbol BL (mm) ID (mm) weight (kg)
500 60 2,6
1000 60 4,2

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