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Composite hops trellises

Advanced technology for organic farming

NCT is the world’s only supplier of a comprehensive system of advanced hops trellises made of composite materials and featuring a unique technology. The technology enables monitoring and improvement of the hops cultivation performance without any contamination with PAHs.

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  • The composite structure of the hops trellises does not release any harmful chemicals (including PAHs)
  • The properties of the composite material are ideally suited to the harsh environment of a hops farm agrocenosis: atmospheric conditions, humidity, soil/air contact, chemical compounds (organic and mineral fertilisers, as well as plant protection products), and animal urine
  • Long service life of the poles: 40 years is the minimum lifetime of the composite structures
  • The composite poles are 100% recyclable. This minimises waste
  • Transport, handling and installation are easy and budget-friendly: composite structures are lightweight and do not require heavy equipment
  • The hops trellises support deployment of a cultivation ambient monitoring system (for measurement of soil moisture, temperature, air humidity, wind strength and direction, rainfall level, and active photosynthesis irradiation)
  • Sensors, measuring and communication devices can be installed inside the composite poles
  • The composite structure of the hops trellises allows the safe installation of PV panels or vertical wind turbines
  • These power sources can be used for measuring devices, video surveillance or communication equipment (like RF and GSM antennas)
category of columnstotal length (m)bottom diameter of the posts (mm)top diameter of the posts (mm)digging depth (mm)load force of the column in the axis (m)
middle8160 1301.010
extreme lines91601501.2018,9
extreme beams92002001.2044,9


Four types of poles available:

  • middle (160/125/1,7kN)
  • extreme lines (160/150/2,8 kN)
  • extreme beams (200/200/5,4 kN)
  • corner (200/200/ 6 kN)


At the customer’s request, it is possible to produce poles with non-standard parameters. Possibility to strengthen the pole for difficult operating conditions).

Innovative composite solutions for hop farming

Uprawy pod ścisłym nadzorem

Crops under close surveillance
(with IoT monitoring systems)

Due to their construction, the composite poles can be equipped with measuring and monitoring devices. This facilitates control over the hop cultivation conditions and prevention of hop diseases and pests.

Energia odnawialna

Renewable energy: renewable energy generators

The innovative hops trellis design we have implemented facilitates installation of power-generating units running on renewable energy sources.

Uprawy pod ścisłym nadzorem

Automatic irrigation and fertilisation systems

The composite structures facilitate using drip irrigation and fertigation systems dedicated to hop gardens. This optimises costs and minimises the share of chemicals in the cultivation process.

Uprawy pod ścisłym nadzorem

Production of top quality hops

The use of composite structures in the hops trellises facilitates production of hops with superior quality and free of pollutants (in compliance with organic farming).

Composite products are perfect for demanding industries

  • Agricultural structures
Completed projects Composite hops trellises

Composite hops trellises

We manufacture end-to-end composite hops trellises with a unique technology for cultivation monitoring and yield improvement without any contamination with PAHs. Our hops trellises are the only promising substitute for the now-banned creosote-proofed timber poles. Hop farms and gardens are supported by the latest technologies for measuring crop environmental parameters and advanced image analysis, which, using the Internet of Things (IoT), allow cloud applications to analyse plant growth and predict the attacks by pests or diseases.

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Standard pole range colours

  • 7032
  • 7047
  • 7035
  • 7042
  • 7024
  • 7016
  • 9005
+ Poles available in any RAL colour

Recommended accessories

Dummy plug

The base of the central pillars

The base of the extreme columns

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