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Composite structures made by pultrusion

Our modern, strictly controlled manufacturing process has enabled us to develop a wide range of products, characterised by a long operating life and high physical and mechanical performance.

Composite structures made by pultrusion are designed for the building construction, road construction, processing industry and RES sectors.


  • wide range of applications
  • high physical and mechanical performance
  • available product length up to 13 m
  • available in any colour
  • can be used for curtain walls, load-bearing structures and braces
  • high heat resistance


NCT products on offer:

  • grids
  • tubes
  • bars
  • supports
  • profiles
  • angle sections
  • channel sections
  • t-sections

Our products are a range of innovative solutions made with composite materials and with a wide range of applications in many industries.

  • Road
  • Construction

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