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Quality, light and durable construction are the hallmarks of NCT flagpoles

Quality, light and durable construction are the hallmarks of NCT flagpoles.They measure from 6 to even 20 meters high. They are perfect as an advertising or representational tool, meeting the requirements of institutional and business clients.

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  • wide selection of parameters and accessories
  • exceptionally light and easy-to-install composite structure
  • no scrap value
  • high resistance to acts of vandalism, road salt, animal pollutants
  • service life of composite masts approximately 40 years
  • 100% recycling – easy disposal


Masts symboltotal length of the mast (m)ower diameter of the masts (mm)top diameter of masts (mm)number of segments
MFK 66120651
MFK 88120651
MFK 1010145651
MFK 1212145651
MFK 1414175652
MFK 1616175652
MFK 1818200652
MFK 2020200652


We recommend the use of guy-ropes for masts – structures with a height of 16m. The final decision on the possible use of the guy-ropes systems is made by an accredited design office.

Our products are a range of innovative composite solutions with a wide range of applications in many industries

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping centers
  • Squares
  • Industrial factories
  • Local government, administration
Composite flagpoles projects

Composite flagpoles

The polymer composite is a combination of polyester resins, glass fabrics and glass materials reinforced with glass fiber, thanks to which the masts are exceptionally durable, resistant to weather conditions, road salt and animal pollutants. Importantly, the masts have no scrap value, do not conduct electricity, and do not interfere with the operation of electronic devices.

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Standard pole range colours

+ Poles available in any RAL colour

Recommended accessories

Rotating socket

The mounting element cover

The mounting element cover is white

TOP SAS (option for rotating head)

Ball of gold

Rope kevlar or polyster with swivel

English type ball

Windtracker arm

Flag weight

Hoisting winch

Internal cleat

External cleat

Proven quality

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