We live in times where technology has become an integral part of our everyday lives. So much so that we often stop noticing it. Meanwhile, modern solutions accompany us even at pedestrian crossings, improving road safety and being in line with the idea of a smart city.

The concept of a smart city is based on the use of modern technologies for integrated city management, improving the efficiency and quality of life of residents. This means that residents can live better and the urban infrastructure is interactive and efficient. Composite solutions are ideal to achieve these goals, especially those supplemented with technological innovations, thanks to which they gain completely new functions.

Composite products are characterised by an innovative approach, openness to the needs of users and improvement of products and their properties” explains Rafał Bednarczyk, president of the management board of NCT SA. “Our composite lighting poles and smart pedestrian crossings fit perfectly into the smart city trend, creating infrastructure that not only illuminates roads, but also ensures pedestrians’ and drivers’ safety” adds Rafał Bednarczyk.

Smartpole Crossing. Safer on the road and at pedestrian crossings

The NCT S.A.’s offer includes a wide range of products that improve road safety, such as composite Passivepole lighting poles with high durability parameters or Basicpole, exceptionally resistant to unfavourable weather conditions and road salt. However, a real “game changer” is the Smartpole Crossing, an active, smart crossings. What distinguishes them is a whole range of electronic systems integrated with composite poles.

“Thanks to motion detectors and acoustic and optical warning signals, drivers are effectively informed when approaching a pedestrian crossing. All these signals increase the driver’s awareness and minimise the risk of accidents” says Bednarczyk. “On the other hand, appropriate algorithms ensure that visual and acoustic warning systems are active long enough for people with disabilities, the elderly and children to leave the crossing safely” adds the expert.

The Smartpole Crossings are also equipped with asymmetric lighting, improving visibility at the crossing and within its zone, as well as with voice messages informing the approaching pedestrians about the need to be particularly careful.

Smartpole crossing

The awareness of road safety increases, the number of smart pedestrian crossings also increases

All these elements mean that the active pedestrian crossings created by NCT SA significantly improve road safety. This is noticed not only by local governments, which are more and more willing to install this type of crossing in their areas but also by large, conscious corporations such as Orange Polska. It was on their initiative that the second edition of the Intelligent Crossing competition took place in 2023, in which three cities (Świdwin, Iława and Rybnik) selected by the votes of their residents were given the opportunity to install Smartpole Crossing on the most dangerous pedestrian crossings in their area.