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Charging Bike Pole

Innovative composite solutions for micromobility

Charging stations in a compact pole for e-bikes, scooters and multimedia devices

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Product assets

  • Station equipped with two charging sockets and RGB module indicating charging status
  • Compatible with a wide range of e-bikes and scooters
  • Possibility to charge other devices such as laptops, smartphones
  • Compact size and light weight for easy installation
  • Simple, intuitive operation with protection against accidental activation
  • Low installation and operating costs, resulting in a quick return on investment
  • Maximum charging time per session: up to 30 minutes, allowing the vehicle to be charged while increasing the availability of the station for other users
  • Constructed from FRP composite material that resists weather conditions, vandalism, animal urine and road salt
  • Corrosion resistant, slow burning, non-conductive
  • Contributes to the development of sustainable mobility and fits into the smart city concept

Technical specification

  • the station controls the provision of 230V mains voltage for the connection of the users personal chargers on the two sockets
  • the station only serves to recharge the batteries of bicycles and scooters, it does not allow charging to 100%.
  • charging of other small electronic devices (e.g. laptops) is possible as long as their power consumption is within the permitted range
  • the station can be equipped with user sockets type E or F in IP54 protection class, each controlled independently
  • mandatory connection to a circuit with MCB C6A protection including RCD A or B 30 mA
  • monitoring of power consumption for each socket (once the range is exceeded, the socket is disconnected)
  • power range from 30W to 500W (230V) per socket
  • operated by a capacitive push button, no moving parts
  • power supply to the socket can be switched off by touching the button at any time or by unplugging the device from the socket
  • a single charging session can last up to 30 minutes, after which charging must be restarted
  • switching on the socket power supply requires two simple steps in a time function, which are safety measures against accidental activation by persons who are not compos mentis and small children.
  • a colour backlit button shows the current status of the socket power supply
  • the station does not have a built-in measuring system to calculate the energy consumed

Our products are a range of innovative composite solutions with a wide range of applications in many industries

  • Recreational facilities
  • Commercial facilities
  • Roads
  • HoReCa
Charging Bike Pole

Compact posts designed for charging small electric mobility devices, including scooters, bicycles and multimedia equipment. Furnished with two charging sockets and an RGB module displaying the charging status. This is a universal solution for many types of bicycles and scooters.

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Standard pole range colours

  • 7032
  • 7047
  • 7035
  • 7042
  • 7024
  • 7016
  • 9005
+ Poles available in any RAL colour

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