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Composite profiles

It is a combination of durability, lightness, strength and favourable price


NCT composite profiles are an ideal alternative to traditional materials: concrete, aluminium, steel and wood. Strong, light and durable construction made using the pultrusion method allows you to save on operating costs throughout the entire period of use. Exceptionally easy to process and install, they shorten assembly time and reduce expenses on specialised machines.

Low weight

Lighter structure compared to traditional construction materials (steel or concrete) significantly reduces transport costs and facilitates installation.


High durability

The low weight and high strength of pultrusion products allow them to be used in structures exposed to heavy loads.


Dimensional stability

Our products exhibit slight dimensional changes in response to changes in temperature and humidity. This guarantees the stability of the structure in the changing environmental conditions.

Resistance to material fatigue

Pultrusion products are characterised by high resistance to material fatigue. They withstand repeated loads for a long time without cracking or damage.


Design and moulding

The pultrusion process allows to create profiles with complex shapes and precise dimensions. We can design a variety of forms and structures for you.

Product characteristics

  • polyester-glass profiles made using the pultrusion method
  • dimensions: standard 6,000 mm
  • fastening using tests and specialised glue
  • can be cut to any size
  • wide selection of fasteners – additionally, profiles can be made according to customer specifications
  • available shapes:


U profiles made from pultrusion are corrosion-resistant and very durable. This translates to reduced operating and maintenance costs. They perform well even in the most demanding conditions. They are an ideal alternative to traditional wood, steel, concrete, or aluminium solutions.


T-beams made from pultrusion are exceptionally durable and corrosion-resistant structural connectors. They perform well in tough conditions, effectively replacing profiles made from traditional materials like aluminium, steel, concrete, or wood. Low operating costs are their distinguishing feature.


Composite strip profiles made from pultrusion are characterised by low weight, high durability, and physical-mechanical strength. They are easy to install, transport, and operate. An ideal alternative to constructions made from traditional materials (concrete, steel, wood, aluminium).


Popular mounting elements are used in the construction of various structures. Pultrusion technology composite profiles are corrosion-resistant, lightweight, and exceptionally durable. They perform excellently in the toughest conditions, successfully replacing profiles made from steel or aluminium.


A profile used in industry and construction, distinguished by high longevity and durability. Lightweight, yet resistant to corrosion and tough conditions. A modern and economical composite alternative to profiles made from traditional materials.


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Our products are a range of innovative solutions made with composite materials and with a wide range of applications in many industries:

  • Manufacturing
  • Power plants
  • Refineries
  • Rail
  • Maritime industry
Composite profiles

A wide selection of profiles for demanding industries

In our standard offer we have a wide selection of profile shapes (U profiles, I-beams, and closed profiles), which are perfect even for demanding industries such as the maritime and shipbuilding sectors, railways, swimming pools, sewage treatment plants, cooling towers, and many others.


Colors of composite elements in the standard offer

  • 7032
  • 7047
  • 7035
  • 7042
  • 7024
  • 7016
  • 9005
+ Poles available in any RAL colour

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