Investments in modern technologies are becoming crucial for sustainable development and cost optimisation. Although it still happens that supporters of traditional solutions are sceptical about modern composite poles, the long-term evaluation of their use confirms that they bring lasting, positive effects, both economic and ecological.

The main reason for using composite lighting poles is their properties. Unlike traditionally used concrete, steel or aluminium columns, composites are much more resistant to extreme weather conditions and some of the substances that structures installed outdoors are exposed to every day:

  • sea and road salt
    composite light poles are ideal for coastal regions and on roads where salt is used to combat black ice.
  • strong UV radiation
    thanks to special production technology, NCT SA poles do not lose their colour or properties even under the influence of intense solar radiation.
  • violent gusts of wind
    composite lighting poles are resistant to strong winds: we design and produce poles that are resistant to high wind pressures of up to 55 m/s, i.e. 200 km/h.
  • extreme temperatures
    thanks to their properties, composites are consistently durable at very low and very high temperatures, which is confirmed by our tests in extreme climatic conditions. Our poles can be successfully installed in places where temperatures range from -40 to +70 degrees Celsius.
  • acts of vandalism
    resistance to mechanical damage makes products made of composite difficult to devastate, which is confirmed by the experiences and opinions of our customers. Composite poles reduce the risk of devastation because they do not have any scrap value.
  • animal urine
    composite lighting poles do not lose their properties due to contact with the urine of dogs, cats or other animals – they do not absorb their odour, making them ideal for public places and parks
  • electrical conductivity
    lighting poles produced by NCT SA are safe to use because they have a very high degree of insulation, which effectively protects against electrical shock
  • composite poles weigh less compared to their steel and aluminium counterparts, which ensures easier transportation and installation.

Why is it worth choosing NCT SA composite products?

Our products are manufactured in Poland, in accordance with the latest standards and requirements of the European Union, which ensures their highest quality and compliance with international standards. We offer our customers a flexible approach to their needs – from the standards applicable in different countries, to individual design, to personalisation with a colour from the RAL palette or a specially designed print.

Each product leaves our plant with a full range of certificates confirming its quality. The poles are lightweight, which makes them easier to transport and assemble. We also offer unique solutions, such as Designpole, i.e. lighting poles with an active illumination of the pole base, the implementation of which contributes to additional energy savings.

Additionally, we have our testing ground where the product is tested to ensure its durability and functionality in real conditions of use.

Practical performance opinions of our customers

We are confident in our products and their properties. But we are perfectly aware that nothing will confirm their quality better than real operational evaluations from the customers who have decided to install the NCT SA products and have been observing for years how composite lighting poles perform in the places of installation.

“Composite poles have been fulfilling their functions properly for seven years of use and have not required any maintenance. The poles are easy to maintain, there is no need to paint or renovate them. So far, there have been no discolourations or scratches on the NCT (formerly Alumast) composite poles. We hereby confirm the cost-free operation of composite poles from NCT (formerly Alumast). We have no comments regarding functionality or aesthetic values” Ryszard Boronowicz, running a PKN Orlen petrol station where our composite poles were installed.

“During the 10 years of use of the poles supplied by your company, no comments have been noted regarding their poor condition resulting from normal use. The composite lighting poles have been fulfilling their function properly for ten years of use and have not required any maintenance. The poles are easy to maintain, installed next to the road and are resistant to road salt, animal urine and other plant protection products. So far, there have been no discolourations or scratches on the composite poles from NCT (formerly Alumast) that would result from normal use. In the case of composite posts, we have no record of any cases of the inspection doors being stolen, which would indicate the desire to obtain material benefits from their scrap value” Waldemar Jemioła, Director for Lighting Assets at TAURON Dystrybucja Serwis SA

“PGE Dystrybucja S.A. Branch in Łódź have been using lighting poles made of polymer composites produced by NCT SA (formerly Alumast) since April 2009. The above devices meet our expectations and do not cause any operational problems. They are easy to maintain, installed by the road and are resistant to road salt, animal urine and plant protection products, which makes them easier to maintain and operate. So far, there have been no visible spots or discolourations on the poles. At the same time, I wish to emphasise that the cooperation with the company’s representatives gives the feeling of competent and professional service” Marek Sroczyński, General Director of PGE Dystrybucja SA, Branch in Łódź.