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A range of composite light poles with stylish graphical finish, a specific outer texture and internal backlighting.

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  • The modern design can conform to specific requirements and conditions of customers (like logos, city insignia/seals, ad slogans, or design patterns to match the nearby façades or surroundings)
  • The poles are available with aesthetically pleasing, functional internal backlighting: the light is energy-efficient, provides a visual effect and excellent visual guidance without the light fixtures turned on
  • Lightweight and robust structure, highly resistant to vandalism
  • Low transport and installation costs thanks to low product weight (for a high loading capacity of transport vehicles)
  • Resistant to adverse weather, acids, road salt and animal urine
  • Composite structures are not electrically conductive
  • Exceptional lifetime: approx. 40 years
  • No heavy or expensive machines required for the installation process
  • No scrap metal value
  • Environmentally friendly: lower CO2 emissions than standard solutions of this type


Pole symbolH (m)BD (mm)TD (mm)CP (mm)BPL (mm)BPT (m)BPHD (mm)W (kg)
SKPF–D 3.03,0130, 15060130260820015
SKPF–D 4.04,0130, 15060130260820018
SKPF–D 5.05,017560130260820024
SKPF–D 6.06,017560130260820026
SKPF–D 7.07,019360130400830055
SKPF–D 8.08,019360130400830060
SKPF–D 9.09,019360130400830070
SKPF–D 10.010,019360130400830075
SKPF–D 11.011,019360130400830080
SKPF–D 12.012,019360130400830085

Customised poles can be manufactured on request. Heavy-duty versions are available for harsh operating conditions.

Easy installation

Buried poles are installed without any heavy construction machines or expensive pre-cast foundation units.

Our products are a range of innovative solutions made with composite materials and with a wide range of applications in many industries.

  • Parks, squares, avenues
  • Playgrounds, recreational facilities
  • Commercial facilities
  • Horetz
  • Local government, administration
Completed projects Designpole

Designpole composite poles

The light pole with a design pattern is a groundbreaking solution in the street lighting sector. Customers can design their own graphic patterns to customise the appearance of the pole. High-resolution text or photos can be printed on the poles. The poles can be ordered with internal backlighting, separate from the light fixture.

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Standard pole designs

  • brzoza
  • drewno
  • koniczyna
  • lentilek
+ Possibility to order a pole
in any design

Recommended accessories

Cable joints IZK–4–01

Cable joints IZK–4–02

Cable joints IZK–4–03

Cable joints IZK–4–03

Precast concrete foundation units F100/30

Precast concrete foundation units F120/43


Single bracket (one sided) WJ1

Symbol BL (mm) ID (mm) BU (mm) waga (kg)
WJ1/60/5/500 500 60 200 1,8
WJ1/60/5/1000 1000 60 249 2,6
WJ1/60/5/1500 1500 60 293 3,4

Single bracket (one sided) WJ2

Symbol BL (mm) ID (mm) BU (mm) waga (kg)
WJ2/60/5/500 500 60 1000 3,4
WJ2/60/5/1000 1000 60 1000 4,2
WJ2/60/5/1500 1500 60 1000 5,0

Single bracket (one sided) WJ3

Symbol BL (mm) ID (mm) BU (mm) waga (kg)
WJ3/60/5/500 500 60 500 2,4
WJ3/60/5/1000 1000 60 500 3,4
WJ3/60/5/1500 1500 60 500 4,2

Single bracket (vertical) WP

Symbol ID (mm) BU (mm) waga (kg)
WP/60/1000 60 1000 2,6

Double bracket (two sided) WD1

Symbol BL (mm) ID (mm) BU (mm) weight (kg)
WJ1/60/5/500 500 60 200 2,6
WJ1/60/5/1000 1000 60 249 4,2
WJ1/60/5/1500 1500 60 293 5,8

Double bracket (two sided) WD2

Symbol BL (mm) ID (mm) BU (mm) weight (kg)
WJ2/60/5/500 500 60 1000 4,2

Double bracket (two sided) WD3

Symbol BL (mm) ID (mm) BU (mm) weight (kg)
WJ3/60/5/500 500 60 500 3,2
WJ3/60/5/1000 1000 60 500 5,0

Bracket on the clamp

Symbol BL (mm) ID (mm) weight (kg)
500 60 2,6
1000 60 4,2

Proven quality

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