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EV Charge stations

Composite solutions for electromobility

Made from the highest quality composite material: EV charging stations mounted on low composite pedestals or integrated in composite light poles.

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Product advantages

  • an external counter that shows the real-time energy consumption to the relevant user
  • a Bender controller, ensuring stable operation regardless of the load level
  • a controller that allows independent operation off-grid, i.e. without the need to register the station on paid development platforms (e.g. e-Map, etc.).
  • a high quality class B residual current circuit breaker, which provides additional but very important protection against electric shock
  • low installation and operating costs guarantee a quick return on investment
  • Charge charging stations are made of only the highest quality components

Technical specifications

  • Charging power output: 1 or 2 x 7.4 kW, 1 or 2 x 22 kW
  • Charging current: 32 A
  • Power supply: single or three-phase
  • Charging interfaces: 1 or 2 x Type2 sockets
  • Access authorization: RFID or mobile application
  • Ingress protection rating: IP 54
  • Safety: MCB for overcurrent protection, class B RCB for residual current protection
  • Energy metering: MID meter

Charging efficiency comparison table

EV charging station nominal capacity per charging point (kW)EV (zero-emission) range increase (km/1h of charging) (1)Time to full charge (from 7% to *90%) for a 70 kWh battery (h) (2)Additional information
3.7 (e.g.: factory converter + household power outlet)17191. Long charging times which restrict convenient operation of the zero-emission EV 2. Relatywnie niższy poziom bezpieczeństwa procesu ładowania (3)
7 (e.g. single-phase EV Charge station)369,51. Optimum charging time 2. Competitive price 3. Relatively low load on the electrical supply system 3. Limited EV battery lifetime reduction
22 (e.g. three-phase EV Charge station)1153,21. Very short charging time 2. Relatively high load on the electrical supply system

(1) Estimated value – the actual value depends on multiple factors, including the driving style, ambient temperature, average electrical power consumption of the specific EV, and the battery state of charge and health.
(2) Estimated value – the actual value depends first on the EV battery life and ambient temperature. Note that the charging power output graph is exponential; the value is reduced with the charging session time.

Our products are a range of innovative composite solutions with a wide range of applications in many industries

  • Recreational facilities
  • Commercial facilities
  • Roads
  • Horeca
  • External and internal parking lots
Completed projects an EV charging station

An EV charging station.

EV charging stations for urban settings. Designed for installation in car parks in public areas, housing estates, near office buildings, hotels and industrial plants, as well as at on-street parking bays. The EV Charge stations are perfect for installation in the locations of existing street lights by replacement of the legacy lamp post for a composite light pole with the Smartpole Charger. The solution does not require installation of other equipment or a separate power feeder.

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